The Process of Custom Clothing

“Fine custom tailoring means undisputable quality – the ultimate expression of good taste and sensibility. That quality is recognizable from the monogrammed shirt to the hand stitched lapels. It’s a mark you carry with you everywhere.”
- Custom Tailors & Designers Association

A personal clothier meets a client at their office or home. Questions are asked regarding one’s lifestyle, wardrobe plan and projections, and personal taste. Personal physical characteristics will be noted. Comprehensive and methodical measurements will be taken by the clothier to achieve the guidelines used in making a pattern cut specifically for the client. Clothing desires and needs will be discussed. Style choices will be decided. What sort of fabric is needed? A lightweight “cool wool” for an all year suit? Vest or no vest? A flannel for the cold winter? A pinstripe, herringbone, plaid or solid? Vent or no vent?

Clothing is created in approximately six weeks, where on delivery a final fitting and finishing touches are done. The clothier will accessorize the garments as well. All information is kept in a confidential client file for further reference.

The custom tailor’s ultimate goal is to make the client look and feel his best. Individuals who have experienced having their clothes tailored for them have seen that the level of quality, service, selection, convenience and individuality cannot be found in an off-the-rack garment. Clients find that to wear a garment that has been made exclusively for them is a boost to one’s self-esteem and confidence.

Quality fabric and clothing are never out of fashion. Personal styling can enhance your best physical qualities and soften any shortcomings.